Chequers unacceptable because it would undermine single market, say EU leaders as summit ends – Politics live | Politics

I’ve come to the conclusion that this “put up, shut up” attitude of the prime minister’s – it’s Chequers or nothing – you do as you’re told or else, is a massive insult, not only to my colleagues but also to the voters.

She is playing a game of Russian Roulette with the country which is frankly an insult to the referendum result and all those people who voted, no matter how they voted.

To say to the likes of myself: “It’s Chequers or a hard Brexit”. It’s like making us sit on the naughty step at school. She’s driving MPs like me to the ERG, because they are the only ones actually representing Conservative MPs and their constituents …

If Chequers comes back to parliament, unless the Labour party vote with her, it will not get through parliament. They are not going to be able to peel off people in the numbers they did in Maastricht. She has to wake up and smell the coffee and take us, her colleagues and the country with her …

I’m hoping that she will realise that while Chequers is unacceptable to me and the vast majority of the country, she has a golden opportunity now, to change things for the better. Because the EU will make a deal at the last minute – that’s how they’ve always operated. We’re just seeing this all from one end of a telescope and she needs to immediately now turn that telescope around. Because if she comes back with Chequers it’s dead as a dodo.

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