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This government and its predecessors have been deporting the Windrush generation. They have also been illegally detaining them, wrongly preventing them from re-entering this country after a trip overseas. And the government can’t or won’t say how many were bullied and threatened into becoming a so-called ‘voluntary removal’.

How can this happen? The most important factor is that official policy, ministerial rhetoric and media coverage fails to treat migrants as people. They have been numbers. They have been a problem. They have been a ‘flood’ and a ‘tidal wave’. According to Philip Hammond they have been marauding. A former Tory prime minister referred to migrants ‘swarming’ into this country. If you believe this rubbish, it’s little wonder the current prime ,inister calls for ‘deport first, and appeal later’ …

Labour has no intention of scapegoating migrants. Like the Windrush generation, migrants usually come here to make a positive contribution to this society, economically, socially, culturally – in every way imaginable.

It is from these polices, clampdowns, “deport first, appeal later”, spurious migration targets, Go Home vans, demonization and false claims, scapegoating that you produce the hostile environment that this government has created. These were the policies of Enoch Powell. He was thrown out of the Tory cabinet for advocating them. Now, they are Tory government policy.

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