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  • Barnier raises doubts about UK Brexit backstop plan

4.41pm BST

This is from Bloomberg’s Ian Wishart.

EU27 diplomat I spoke to described the UK’s customs paper as “a joke” and the inclusion of the 2021 end-date as pretty much “irrelevant” to the negotiations. Barnier and co likely to be a little more conciliatory around the negotiating table but there’s not much goodwill.

EU source: “Eu will accepts no time limit in the WA. HMG can say it expects this or that by YE21; this does not commit the EU27”

4.37pm BST

Nigel Dodds, the DUP leader at Westminster, has now issued a longer statement about the UK’s government’s backstop plan, describing it as “a step forward”.

The backstop in the technical report issued today applies to the entire United Kingdom.

The previously proposed annexation of Northern Ireland was totally unacceptable.

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